Our Stories - Michael Scott

They say that ‘Big things come in small packages’ and though clichéd, when describing Bro. Michael L. J. Scott, this description is very apt. A school teacher by trade (retired), he takes learning to another level utilizing the basic concepts of developing not just the cognitive, but the psychomotor and affective skills of his charges – in other words ‘Scotty’ as he is more affectionately known, does not merely teach history, but he teaches ‘people’. A very astute, industrious and pragmatic person, he is not just the resident community/church historian, but he also owned/operated a successful woodwork shop for a number of years where he trained and developed many young persons. He holds steadfastly to the dogma that Seventh Day Adventists should be the ‘head and not the tail’ even in business, and believes that this dream can become reality if we seek God first, network and support our own. A true family man with a passion for nurturing young people, Bro. Scott has selflessly used his many gifts and abilities to develop the youth within our church and the wider community.

Despite his title - Secretary of the La-Brea Nightingales Steel Orchestra, Scotty discreetly uses this outreach medium to spread God’s love by rendering counselling, guidance and even financial assistance to members of the band. His love for music and young people is also evident in his drive to keep the church’s district orchestra functioning. When some would have abandoned ship, Bro. Scott coddled, cajoled, compromised (sometimes adjusting arrangements to ensure everyone’s comfort) and when necessary, he even reprimanded to ensure no one went ‘AWOL’. The Church’s Newsletter, another of Bro. Scott’s initiatives proved vitally important to documenting La-Brea S.D.A.’s history, whilst simultaneously encouraging others to develop their writing skills and to testify of God’s goodness. It also proved an effective medium for authors to impart without imposing, the tenets of our beliefs to others. Using cleverly couched language, his cumulative wealth of knowledge and careful research in presenting ‘God’s word,’ our editor, Bro. Scott kept readers anxiously awaiting the next issue. One of his more recent endeavours is the establishment of a Science Club with a literacy Class to follow shortly. These enterprises seek to address the need to guide the inquisitive minds of our young people, whilst promoting learning, Christian fellowship and a sense of belonging – after all, ‘Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop’- a quote he often repeats.

Any attempt to list his many accomplishments, would be incomplete without mention of his exemplary service in both the music and youth departments, locally and abroad. Indeed, he can be considered a true pioneer as one of the founding members of a youth music band in Canada and as A.Y. Leader and sponsor during the years when La-Brea was the society to be emulated, receiving accolades for participation in morning watch and ‘Roots’/church heritage. An avid believer in the Spirit of Prophecy, Bro. Scott cites Joseph as one of his favourite Bible characters. Why, because Joseph represents after all, ‘A man who will stand for the right though the heavens fall’ in an age where integrity is in short supply. Thus, we salute his passion and commitment in using his gifts and abilities to bless others and pray for God’s continued guidance and blessings as together we all march onward to Zion, beautiful, beautiful Zion.